Brain Traps

We live in a world of seemingly endless distractions and interruptions. By hard-wired nature, the brain falls for it, and gets hijacked. Effectiveness falls away. One simple but powerful way to manage this is to simply start noticing it. Raise your observation powers your awareness of how you tend to automatically do what you do […]

Carrying too much of other people’s baggage is one of the traps our brains set for us. There’s a neuroscience explanation for this—brain studies show that the overall system in our brains that is devoted to empathy can’t run at the same time as the system that is devoted to rational analysis. When one of […]

“The time just wasn’t right”. . . “I got too busy”. . . How often do we accept these dog-ate-my-homework excuses—from ourselves and for others—for shirking responsibility for building a better future? Left to its own devices, the brain would be perfectly happy polishing old habits and never trying anything new. So you need to […]

In many of life’s most important situations, your brain wants something very different from what you want. This phenomenon is so common that we take it for granted, but it’s a huge impediment to daily and long-term success. You want to concentrate, but your brain craves distraction. You want to think strategically, but your brain […]