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The Cooper Neuroscience Lab is a window, not our full picture.

This site gives you a glimpse into our ideals, excitement, array of breakthrough thinking arenas and big ideas being launched.

Manage your brain, or it will manage you.

Apex Operating System

Install your “Apex Operating System”.

Record Settings Mindset

What the most daring difference-makers ask themselves—and others don’t.


The mindset and actionset of today’s top founders, leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers

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to the lab

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We seek and share insights at the intersection of how the brain works and what was “impossible” yesterday but is possible today for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Cooper reflects decades of leadership provided by Robert Cooper, our founder, called “a national treasure” by Professor Emeritus Michael Ray of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and named “the ultimate business guru for the new millennium” by USA Today.

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We develop ultra-practical strategies and tools based on leading edge research and disciplined metrics. We help leaders, entrepreneurs tailor and apply these tools to create the breakthroughs that matter most to them today—and for winning the future.

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field dealing with all aspects of the structure and function of the brain and nervous system in learning, performance and behavior. It liaises closely with psychology, education, social sciences, linguistics, engineering, productivity, innovation, technology, and philosophy.

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We distill and present our best findings in purposefully brief e-books, leading edge online programs, customized coaching, speaking engagements, training, and workshops.

Laboratory is a place providing opportunity for research, testing, observation, teaching or practice in a field of study—in our case the lab is focused on identifying and distilling insights and tools for application by record-setting leaders, entrepreneurs and teams

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We select and distill leading edge insights from global research on the brain, cognition and mindsets, emotional and social intelligence, perception and reaction, behavioral tendencies and applied behavior change, peak performance, effectiveness, innovation, collaboration, communication, applied intelligences, learning in leading and leading in learning

We draw on a peak performance database with more than one million leaders, professionals and teams

We validate and share the best new insights and tools in our work with game-changing, industry-transforming entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial leaders, and teams

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who we are

We are a team of neuroscientists, psychologists, researchers, leaders, founders, educators, advisors, and writers. We have a long history of working with elite performers and top leaders— ranging from Global 100 companies to rising star early-stage enterprises—using neuroscience to get the most out of their brains, their time, and their performance.

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“Robert Cooper is a national treasure.”

Michael Ray, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University Graduate School of Business , and co-founder of the widely acclaimed “Creativity in Business” Program

Insights from a Carefully Selected Interdisciplinary Team

Cooper Neuroscience Lab incorporates insights from a team of carefully selected colleagues with broad interests and unmatched real-world experience. The following is a partial list of those colleagues.

You can learn more about us on our other sites including:

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leading forward

When researchers ask people at the end of their life what they most regret most, they rarely regret something they did. Most of all, they regret certain things they didn’t do:

They regret letting the things that matter least crowd out the things that matter most.
They regret not using their capacities and talents to the fullest.
They regret passing up opportunities out of fear or habit.


I believe we are each surrounded by vast unseen opportunities for growth and success.
I believe we are each capable of far more than we imagine.
I believe the smallest adjustments in vision and action can make the greatest difference.
I believe the next frontier is not only in front of us, it’s also inside us.
I believe that no matter who you are, no matter how hard your life has been, no matter what challenges you are facing right now…one of the greatest powers you have—at every turn and in every moment of your life and work—is to shape what you are becoming.
We each have a life and leadership story that is being written from today forward.

What is yours?
What could it be?
What will it be?

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