Use observation and small tests, not just hope

By hard-wired nature, the brain uses the hope method, just hoping for the best. . . and it’s rare for anyone’s focus, energy, and effectiveness to be anywhere near peak levels.

Here’s a question to help you start working around that problem: If you had to design your own one-of-a-kind blueprint for being at your unlimited best (in energy, focus and effectiveness) every minute of the day, what would that blueprint be?

We call this your apex operating system, or AOS. Yours will be unique to you. Start thinking about it. Observe how automatically, even unconsciously, you tend to do things the way you do, giving them very little thought. Take notes. Ask yourself, Is this the best of what’s possible for me, or just the best of what I’ve become used to?   Design small improvements, apply them, keep what works, discard what doesn’t. Repeat until you’re satisfied that your “best” is really your best.

Robert Cooper